Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review Kick


Quote: I am the King of Shit, and my throne is build upon the bodies of all I have betrayed. My crown is made of her teeth and tears.    ~Kick  

Title: Kick
Series: Savage Saints MC
Genre: Dark Romance
Author: Carmen Jenner
Release Date: Jan 26, 2015

Omg!!...Seriously Jenner!!..This book was freaking Amazing!. And where have I been this whole time?..Why have I waited so long to read this bad boy. Kick literally has to take the place of any other dark character I have ever read. Yes kick you are the shit!...This book and character could not have been any darker, grittier and just plane twisted. Bravo Carmen!!..I have literally fallen bat crazy for Kick!. *No shame. Ok so I realize this book has been out a while and am also sure almost everyone that loves dark reads just like I do have definitely read this baby. But for the readers that somehow have been under a rock like yours Truly :) ..Let me give a short synopsis of the book. The book is a spin-off of Sugar town  Series. But with that being said you don't necessarily need to read sugar town to pick up this series. Their is snippets of the story from Sugar town but in my opinion not big enough to where you might get lost in the story. The story is Dual POV but most of the POV is Kicks. But having Indie perspective jump in every so often is a wonderful treat. Kick born into the life of the MC, goes through life struggling to do the right thing but without trying to go against with what his gang code stand for. But as we all know life does not always goes as planned. With actions and mistakes being made, kick goes through life carrying a burden of regret and lies within himself and to his MC brothers. But when Indie comes into the picture as a damaged soul herself, Kick tries to correct the mistakes he made in the past with her. Both come together and try to rectified what has them so tortured that their story turns really into a story of survival and redemption. Overall this book is not intended for the faint of heart, There's no Rainbows and unicorns in this love story, if there really even is one. This book to me was completely about 2 people trying to make what they call things right in their life. Overall this book is a huge wonderful rollercoaster that will have hooked from  chapter 1. Happy reading Kiddos!!!


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