Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review for Darkness Follows #2

Title: Darkness Follows 
Series: Darkness Series
Author: J.L. Drake
Genre: Dark Romance
Published Date: September 1, 2015
Quote: "Just because you can't see Evil doesn't mean it can't see you".
I have to say that this has to be hands down my favorite series of J.L. Drake. I have enjoyed every book she has brought out, definitely in love with her writing and stories. But this one is the one, or the series I should say that I count down the days for the books to come out. Yes I admit im that girl.."The Countdown Girl". But I really cant help wanting more of this story and wonderful characters.  In book #2(Darkness Follows) we pick up right were we left off. With Emily being taken by Lasko and Seth rounding up the cops to get her back. I wont give out too much because its Oooh!.. so much better for you guys to read this series without me ruining it for you. From book #1(Darkness Follows) you guys will be hooked!, I remember reading the last chapter in Book #1(Darkness Lurkes) and even with this book I was left dyiiiiiing!!!!....Yes very theatrical!!. But the ending was so wonderfully done, that it had me thinking how I was going to handle being away from my favorite characters. And I also blame J.L. Drake for making me paranoid x100. Especially the first few days of reading each book in the series. I was even keeping an eye on my own shadow..this book and whole series in general seriously messes with your I also want to say Bravo!! J.L. Drake for giving us such a page turner not just in this book but also in book #1 (Darkness Lurkes). I am seriously just waiting for book #3 (Darkness Falls)to be available so I can get my gritty little hands on Reading Kiddos!!
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